Infor Supply Chain Management Software – Review 

Infor is a great ERP (enterprise resource planning) tool; it offers customer support to resolve various types of issues for users and clients. Today, we’ll discuss a review of Infor supply chain management software; its key features, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and contact details.

What is Infor Supply Chain Management Software? 

Infor supply chain management provides a well-detailed solution to its users by linking businesses and companies to their partners. It helps companies to amplify supply planning and demand with prediction capabilities. However, Infor makes various SC processes transparent ranging from implementation, scheduling, and planning. Users would have access to real-time and they could make data-based decisions through trading partners and robust connections.

Features of Infor Supply Chain Management Software

Some of the key features of Infor supply chain management software are as follows;

Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus helps businesses and companies to connect with 3PLs, Banks, manufacturers, and suppliers. It is a single-instance network that integrates physical and financial supply chain processes into a cloud-based system. However, businesses and companies could recognize and react to various changes through software that helps them with implementation, finance, and planning capabilities.

Transportation Management

Infor Nexus transportation allows businesses and companies to develop multi-mode and multi-leg transportation with different parties. Transparent freight systems and end-to-end shipping control help companies deal with global complications and service levels. However, it allows businesses and companies to connect with global transportation service providers in different geographies to deliver quality and reliable service.

Production Scheduling

Limited production scheduling helps businesses and companies maximize capacity, decrease downtime, and optimize the usage of resources. It helps businesses and companies in the following ways;

  • Maintaining a balance between demand and supply
  • Quickly responding to the changes
  • Making adjustments to the schedule with a graphical and automated planning board

Warehouse Management

The warehouse management feature has got embedded labor management and 3D visual modeling to decrease complications and improve operational implementations. Some of the advanced features are;

  • Order flexibility and accuracy
  • B2B and B2C support to amplify productivity
  • Labor management

Supply Planning

The supply planning solution helps companies to simplify operational planning processes, strategies, and tactics. Businesses and companies could satisfy their requirements like;

  • Multiple site planning
  • Balancing product mix
  • Limited shelf-life restrictions
  • Choosing the best formula relevant to the availability of demand

Demand Management

AI and machine learning help businesses and companies predict and satisfy demands based on real-time data. The advanced feature of demand management comprises of following options;

  • Replenishment optimization
  • Lifecycle pricing
  • Assortment planning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Financial planning

Integrated Business Planning

The integrated business planning solution helps businesses and companies in the following ways;

  • Planning data and KPIs repositories
  • Market response by using the shared platform
  • Better decision making
  • Tradeoff analysis
  • Offers collaboration, implementation, and core analytics
  • Gaining control over services and cost

Benefits and Advantages of Infor SCM

Some of the key benefits and advantages of Infor supply chain management software are as follows;

Control Center

Predictive insight helps businesses and companies to conduct proactive and customer-centric operations by combining it with in-context intelligence. The integration of tools with advanced data science, trading partner connectivity, and in-network data helps companies to react and interpret dynamic signals.

Collaboration & Cost

Automated document creation and order management help companies to perform clean and optimized transactions. Suppliers and vendors could streamline various processes in order to decrease human error by developing purchasing orders and invoices. Chargeback management and global payment would strengthen the supplier relationship.

Working Capital

Businesses and companies launch various programs lower than the borrowing cost of suppliers to make sure regular supply, minimize cost, and decrease cost. The electronic record of SC activities helps companies in the following ways;

  • Extended payables
  • Incentive based financing
  • Limited risk by helping users to take advantage of buying orders
  • Improving working capital
  • Protecting sellers from buyer’s default payments

Improving Forecasts

A highly collaborative demand planning platform with a demand forecasting solution helps companies to make accurate predictions. The performance dashboard helps companies to achieve better insight and user experience to improve growth and productivity.

High Visibility

It helps businesses and companies to collaborate and coordinate with various parties, conduct transactions, and take advantage of risks and opportunities by quickly acting and using the information.

Managing Supply

Buyers could collaborate with various suppliers based on plans, commitments, and forecasts. It helps companies in the following ways;

  • Timely alerts to issues and problems
  • Continuous collaboration
  • Ensuring supply through digital commitment
  • Limited stock-outs

Disadvantages of Infor SCM 

Some of the main disadvantages of Infor Supply chain management software are as follows;

  • Out-of-box doesn’t reporting system doesn’t have a great appearance; now they allow users to customize the look of their report
  • Difficult to track invoices, receipts, and purchase orders; you would need the assistance of 3rd party professionals
  • The user interface is outdated and it requires a lot of upgradation
  • Offers limited control to users, and that’s why it is difficult to fix issues

Contact Details

For the US: 877-772-4111

For others: 866-244-1700 or 646-336-1700

Conclusion: Infor Supply Chain Management Software – Review 

After an in-depth study and review of Infor supply chain management software; we have realized that Infor offers a lot of benefits and advanced features. If you are learning about Infor and planning to use it for your SC processes, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned advantages, disadvantages, and features.

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