Odoo Supply Chain Management 

The supply chain needs to perform various functions and operations efficiently like sales, product purchase, financial management, logistical operations, and inventory management. You should avoid controlling various functions and operations because one dedicated tool would cater to the needs of various SCM operations. Today, we’ll discuss Odoo supply chain management; its benefits, and key features.

Before discussing the details of the Odoo tool, it is significant to discuss supply chain management. SCM comprises of managing the flow of materials ranging from sourcing raw supplies, production, warehousing, streamlining various processes, and delivering finished goods to the end consumers. Various businesses and companies are employing robust SCM software and applications to amplify the efficiency of their processes. However, some of the main stages involved in the SCM process are as follows;


Suppliers play a key role in the initial stages of the SC process. They have the obligation to supply raw supplies and materials in the initial manufacturing process.


The raw supplies go into the hands of manufacturers and producers, and they convert supplies into finished goods by employing labor, tools, equipment, and professional expertise.


The finished products then come into the hands of the distributor. The distributors come in between the manufacturer and customers, and they play a key role in connecting them. However, they play a necessary role in warehousing, inventory management, and logistics management.


Customers are at the bottom of the SC network and they receive the finished goods and consume them. They’re the main driving force in the entire SC process; because they make the final decision of procuring the finished goods and give motivation to the distributor, manufacturer, and suppliers.

What is Odoo Supply Chain Management? 

Odoo is an open-source ERP system, software, or tool that caters to the needs and requirements of various areas of a business or company. It allows you to configure various SCM operations of your business with Odoo. However, the all-in-one feature of the Odoo platform for business management operations would work unanimously for effective business management.

Some of the areas of centralized inventory management would help companies to perform retail operations. It plays a key role in the sale of products and services of e-commerce businesses and online stores and is done efficiently and effectively.

Why Odoo is best

Odoo ERP system is the latest integrated management system developed from the MRP (material resource planning) system. It amplifies MRP functions by employing the core strategy of SCM.

On the other hand, SCM is completely different from traditional businesses, because it optimizes the SC operations of the company. The next generation of the network economy relies on the latest types of information systems. However, it plays a key role in amplifying various business processes, because they improve the main competitive nature of the company.

Features of Odoo SCM

Some of the main features of Odoo supply chain management are as follows;

Planning & Forecasting

Businesses and companies predict customer demand and make necessary changes and adjustments with the assistance of SCM software or applications. It allows companies to be aware of the customer’s demand for the product.


Purchasing and procurement is the key function and feature of the SC process and it should run smoothly. It is the method of ordering the required supplies and avoiding overstocking or mass volume of goods. The SCM software boosts the performance of procurement and account payables.


The Odoo ERP system assists the SCM software and improves various processes like the following;

  • High revenue
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Transforming transportation process
  • Delivering goods to customers

Return Management

Return management is the key function of the SCM process and the software helps you to perform various operations. It allows you to recognize damaged goods, organize products, and refund money while maintaining the stock efficiently.

Order Management

One of the key features of the software is allowing you to perform multiple tasks and functions like the following;

  • Automated procurement processes
  • Scheduling deliveries from suppliers
  • Procurement orders

Inventory Management

The other main feature of SCM software or Odoo ERP is the smooth functioning of the tracking system. It helps you to manage and track the availability of product quantity and raw supplies.

Benefits of Odoo SCM

Some of the main benefits of Odoo supply chain management are as follows;

Accepting WM

The warehouse management module of Odoo ERP helps businesses and companies with quality analysis, efficiency, and improving productivity. It allows you to deal with the other KPIs in real-time along with SC operations, internal and external locations, and much more. However, it also helps you manage income and outgoing shipments and make decisions relevant to SCM and IM.


Launching Odoo ERP with CRM offers you a great competitive edge in terms of customer assistance and relationship management operations. It allows customer support staff to follow up on the potential lead and develop sales meetings with them.

Better HRM

If you are launching an ERP system with Odoo, then it helps you to streamline various operations of your company. It allows you to deal with the employee database like memos, salary, information, employee directory, payroll, timesheet management, and various other HR operations.


The Odoo ERP system has various modules and they allow you to improve the efficiency of production and manufacturing processes and trading companies. It allows you to automate your business operations and decrease the need for manual operations.

Conclusion: Odoo Supply Chain Management 

After an in-depth study of Odoo supply chain management; we have realized that Odoo SCM is highly significant for managing various operations of your business. If you are learning about the Odoo SCM software, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned features and benefits.

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