Value Chain Analysis of Pfizer

Pfizer is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical American multinational corporation. Charles F. Erhart and Charles Pfizer founded the pharmaceutical and drug company in 1849. Today, we’ll discuss the value chain analysis of Pfizer; primary and supporting activities in the process of value chain analysis Example Company. They are inbound and outbound logistics, operations, marketing, and customer service; infrastructure, HRM, technology, and procurement as an application of the value chain analysis process.

Substitutes of Pfizer

  • GSK
  • Bristol Myers Squibb,
  • Eli Lilly and Company,
  • Novartis AG,
  • Abbott,
  • BMS,
  • Bayer.
  • Merck & Co.,
  • Vivus,
  • Sangamo Therapeutics, 
  • Johnson & Johnson

The Value chain analysis of Pfizer would analyze the primary and supporting activities in the process of value chain analysis. They’re inbound and outbound logistics, operations, marketing, and services; infrastructure, HRM, technology, and procurement. Here’s Pfizer value chain analysis company example as follows;

Value Chain Analysis of Pfizer

Let’s discuss the primary and supporting activities involved in the process of value chain analysis of Pfizer. It is an application of value chain analysis based on Porter’s model; some of the key elements and components of value chain analysis are as follows;

Primary Activities of Pfizer

Some of the five main primary activities in the value chain analysis of Pfizer are as follows;

Inbound Logistics of Pfizer

I-Better Supplier Relationship

In order to ensure the smooth supply of raw materials and drugs, Pfizer has established and maintained very good professional relationships with its suppliers. It has allowed the company to keep manufacturing medicines on schedule due to the timely availability of raw materials and supplies.

II-Worldwide Supplier Network

According to an estimate, Pfizer deals with more than 300 external suppliers in various countries across the globe. It helps the company to decrease the risk of supply chain disruptions of drugs and medicines. In fact, the company has also developed a parallel supply chain network across Europe and America to produce the most critical drugs and medicines.

Outbound Logistics of Pfizer

I-Distribution Centers

Pfizer has set up a network of approximately 11 distribution and logistics centers in various countries worldwide. The pharmaceutical company has also developed partnerships with over 30,000 global manufacturing contractors and partners. The distribution centers and manufacturing partners help the company to smoothly distribute medicines and drugs worldwide without any disruptions.

II-Distribution Network

The worldwide distribution network of Pfizer allows the Pharma Company to supply and distribute medicines in over 180 countries across the world. According to an estimate, the company delivers over 50 billion medicines annually; and serves more than 1.3 billion patients across the world.

Operations of Pfizer

I-Manufacturing Facilities

Pfizer has built more than 35 production and manufacturing sites and thousands of manufacturing partners across the world. Different manufacturing facilities perform different operations in various categories; some of them are as follows;

  • Sterile Injectables – 9 sites
  • Bio-Tech – 9 sites
  • Local Solids Manufacturing – 6 sites
  • Global Solids Manufacturing – 7 sites
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – 5 sites

II-Safety & Quality

The medicine production and manufacturing processes and operations; the objective of Pfizer is to make sure that its medicines comply with the standards of safety, efficacy, and quality. In fact, the core production and manufacturing values of Pfizer is its commitment to quality medicines for patients and customers. As a result, the pharmaceutical company has established a loyal database of customers worldwide.

Marketing & Sales of Pfizer

I-Sponsor & Donor

Pfizer has sponsored various public and global health initiatives and provided a significant amount of donations. The goal is to create a positive impression of the brand and receive favors from politicians and regulatory authorities. Some of the main events that the company has sponsored over the years are as follows;

  • William Osler Health System
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • Scarborough Health Network
  • Princess Margret Cancer Center
  • Federation of Medical Women of Canada
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Services of Pfizer

I-Customer Service

Along with serving billions of patients with drugs and medicines, the customer service of Pfizer remains open to all customers and users through email and on-call. In fact, the company encourages its users to share their valuable feedback and concerns with the company. It helps the pharmaceutical and biotech brands to make improvements in their medical products and services.

Supporting Activities of Pfizer

Some of the main supportive activities in the value chain analysis of Pfizer are as follows;

Infrastructure of Pfizer

Pfizer has established a strong infrastructure of global manufacturing facilities, manufacturing partners, distribution channels and centers, and a supply chain network. The strong corporate infrastructure helps the company to smoothly perform its daily routine operations worldwide without any disruptions. In fact, the company keeps amending its corporate policies and governing structure relevant to the feedback of its stakeholders.

HRM of Pfizer

Pfizer has employed more than 83,000 employees to manage its global operations. The human resource department plays a critical role for the company and it focuses on assigning various roles, setting compensation and benefit plans, and evaluating the performance of employees. In fact, the company strongly believes in equal employment opportunities in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Technological Development of Pfizer

Research and development is the lifeline of the biotech and pharmaceutical brand Pfizer. In fact, the company invested approximately 11.428 billion USD in 2022 on research and development. The company is a top sponsor and donor of various research facilities across the US, Canada, and worldwide. Some of them are as follows;

  • Truth Initiative
  • Radcliffe Cardiology
  • Pinnacle Research Group
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto
  • Lung Health Foundation
  • Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiatives

Procurement of Pfizer

Pfizer has been operating its business in the health, medical, and pharmaceutical industries for the past 170 years. The company procures raw supplies, materials, equipment, and machinery from various suppliers across the world.

Conclusion: Pfizer Value Chain Analysis Example Company |Application of Value Chain Analysis Process 

After an in-depth study of the value chain analysis of Pfizer; we have realized that Pfizer is the world’s leading biotech, drug, and pharmaceutical company. If you are learning about the Pfizer value chain analysis example company; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned primary and supporting activities. They’re inbound and outbound logistics; operations, marketing and sales, and services; infrastructure, procurement, HRM, and technological development as an application of the value chain analysis process.

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